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Mental Health Support

Mental health is a broad issue and includes a wide range of disorders. Therefore, a large spectrum of symptoms is possible. Note that behavioural changes do not necessarily point to mental health problems – they may be temporary and caused by a negative experience or distressing life event. However, persistent disruptive or withdrawn behaviour can indicate an underlying problem.

Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools

Warning signs may include:

  • Severe behaviour problems
  • Persistent or severe anxiety
  • Feelings of sadness that dominate and interfere with the pupil’s life
  • Persistent and severe inattentiveness or impulsiveness
  • Worries about weight that dominate the pupil’s life
  • Unusual eating patterns
  • Substance misuse
  • Self-harm (for example, overdosing, hitting, cutting or burning oneself)

Risk Factors

Certain individuals and groups are more at risk of developing mental health problems, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Looked after children
  • Children with learning difficulties
  • Children on the autism spectrum
  • Children from disadvantaged backgrounds

There are also risk factors within the family such as abuse, bereavement, and parental psychiatric illness. You should also be mindful of risks within the school environment such as bullying, poor relationships and discrimination.

Our school addresses emotional and mental health by providing support from a trained Counsellor and Pastoral support Leader. We also have a designated mental health lead professional who is also the Pastoral Lead for Year 10, Mr. G. Lyons.

We address emotional mental health and well–being by utilising resources that include:

Our school works very closely with the CAMHS service who can be contacted on 0151 282 4527

Young Minds have created a useful 'Supporting Parents Helpfinder'. By answering six questions, you can find out how to support your child's mental health during the pandemic (and beyond). 

This poster aims to support parents when their child has angry feelings or outbursts and may help families start a conversation and talk about each other’s feelings.
When Emotions ExplodeOnline Working - looking after your body and mind when using screens.

Screens and Seating

MYA SPACE & Living Well Sefton - Well Being Workshops

Living Well

Kooth - Your online mental wellbeing community, can help with many mental health issues:

  • Struggling At Christmas
  • Dealing With Loss
  • Family Difficulties
  • Loneliness
  • Social Anxiety

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South Sefton Mental Health Support Team

Click here to access different resources and services for children and parents. It includes useful information such as breathing techniques and information on how to support with self-harm.

Further information about the South Sefton Mental Health Support team can be accessed below.

Information Leaflet


Venus Charity

At the Venus Charity, they have groups for children and young people who are struggling with anything, want to make friends or even boost their confidence and life skills. Their groups are:

Young Person's Drop in:

This service offers young people to speak to a qualified practitioner with any struggles they are facing in a safe, non-judgemental environment. This service is on every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm-6pm in their Star Centre and every Thursday at 3pm-6pm in their Thornton Centre.

Parent/carers Drop in:

This service offers parents and carers to speak to a qualified practitioner for any advice or support they need regarding their child's mental health. This service is on every Monday at 1pm-3pm in their Thornton Centre and every Wednesday at 1pm-3pm in their Star Centre.

Creative Drop-in:

This is a service for young people who are currently on the waiting list for counselling at our Star Centre. This service has been created based on research suggesting that being creative can increase positive emotions, reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve overall mood and well-being. This service is every Wednesday from 5pm-7pm in their Thornton Centre.

LGBT+ Group:

This is a group for young people who identify as someone in the LGBT+ community and would like to come along to meet others in the community or want to share their struggles with a qualified practitioner who leads this group. This is every Tuesday at 5pm-7pm in their Thornton Centre.

RGen Group:

A support group aimed for females aged 12-16 who need support with their mental health and develop their life skills, confidence as well as make healthy friendships with other females. This group is every Thursday at 5pm-7pm in their Thornton Centre.

Riding the Rapids:

A free course for parents/carers of children who have a diagnosis of Autism, severe learning disabilities and complex physical disabilities. The course aims to help parents and carers understand and manage their child's behaviours.