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Careers Education, Information and Guidance

Welcome to The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco’s Careers Hub.  

At The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco we are committed to providing our pupils with the guidance and resources they need to make informed decisions about their future careers. Our Careers Hub is designed to support pupils at every stage of their career journey, from exploring their interests to preparing for interviews. 

We are committed to ensure that careers education, information and guidance fulfils all of the 8 Gatsby benchmarks: 

1. A stable careers programme

2. Learning from Career and labour market information

3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

5. Encounters with employers and employees

6. Experience of workplaces

7. Encounters with further and higher education

8. Personal guidance

 By providing this commitment, we are raising pupil aspirations, inspiring them and encouraging them to consider a wide range of careers. To achieve this, we are working in close partnership with The Liverpool City Regions Careers Hub, local employers, apprenticeship providers, post-16 educators and local charities. Our advice and guidance is tailored to each individual pupil to ensure their post-16 destination is the right one for them. 

Careers Policy

Careers Policy

Provider Access Statement

Please find below our provider access legislation (occasionally referred to as the ‘Baker Clause’) document. 

Please find below our provider access legislation document (occasionally referred to as the Baker Clause':

The Provider Access Statement

Our Commitment

 Gatsby Benchmarks

Our pupils deserve the opportunity to explore their passions and potential. 

Parents and Carers

Providing careers advice for your children can be a valuable way to help navigate them towards educational and professional pathways. Here are some tips and useful websites which may be helpful when offering careers advice: 

  • Foster independence – encourage your child to explore their own interests and passions.
  • Listen Actively – listen carefully to their aspirations and ask questions to better understand their goals
  • Provide information – Help them research potential careers, colleges and vocational programmes so they can make informed choices
  • Encourage exploration – encourage them to participate in work experience, work-shadowing or extra-curricular activities related to their interests
  • Promote skills development – emphasise the importance of developing transferable skills such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability
  • Highlight the value of education – discuss the benefits of education, whether it’s college, university, vocational training. Encourage them to pursue the post-16 pathway that is required for their career goals
  • Emphasise work ethic – teach the importance of hard-work, dedication and resilience.
  • Seek professional guidance – Contact Mrs J. Welsh or click on the links below for further guidance 

Careers advice for parents 

A guide for parents 

Podcasts - The parent's perspective 

Parents' guide to careers in STEM 

Parents' guide to careers in Engineering   

Employers, Colleges, Sixth Forms and other Post-16 Providers 

Want to get involved? 

 As part of our commitment to informing our pupils of the full range of learning and training pathways on offer to them, we are happy to consider requests from training, apprenticeship and vocational education providers to speak to pupils.

The Salesian Academy of St. John Bosco also proactively seeks to build relationships with these partners as we plan our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme activity throughout the school year to ensure that providers have multiple opportunities to speak to pupils and their parents across years 7-11. The purpose of these relationships are to offer information on vocational, technical and apprenticeship qualifications and pathways.

All requests should be emailed at least 6 weeks prior to an expected planned session date. In the first instance, requests by providers should be sent to to and should include:

  • The proposed format, timings and duration of the planned session.
  • The number of staff from the provider’s organisation who propose to visit.
  • Any support requirements needed from the school.

All requests will be given consideration from the designated Careers Leader and Senior Leadership team. Requests will be considered against:

  • Clashes with other planned activities or visits.
  • Interruption to preparation for public or internal examinations.
  • Availability of school staff, space and resources to host the session.

Opportunities for providers to speak with pupils may include school assemblies, employer and provider engagement events or opportunities to speak with pupils and parents on a one-to-one basis supporting GCSE, post 16 choices. The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco CEIAG programme is monitored for quality and impact by the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body ensuring access and opportunities to engage with, technical, vocational and training providers will form part of this process.

For questions on this or our wider CEIAG programme, please contact the Director of Careers, at


Labour Market Information for pupils, carers and staff

Labour market information provides us all with valuable insights into the job market. 

When someone receives good labour market information (LMI) that leads to a good decision, it benefits the individual, the employer and the economy.

LMI can help people identify the skills they might require in the future. Even within familiar occupations, job tasks and job titles change and develop as products and technology change and develop. For example, e-commerce has changed the way businesses operate, and subsequently the way that administration and finance workers operate.

People need to be aware of how easy or hard it will be to get into their chosen career. They also benefit from accurate LMI about pay levels, job security and local prospects which they need to consider if they are to make realistic and informed career decisions. LMI can help people broaden their aspirations to include similar occupational areas in the event that their first choice not possible or not available in their area.

It is important for people to recognise the discrepancy between unrealistic aspirations and the likely outcomes. LMI can be used to set out the realities of the job market and allow people to avoid wasting time in areas where they are unlikely to be successful.

Please read through the attached document from the National Careers Service, which details LMI in the local region and around the UK. 

There are many career websites available that contain LMI, here are a selection:

Local LMI - 

Throughout the Liverpool City Region there are 100’s of job opportunities available in all sectors and at all levels. Be More is a great place to discover your skills and career options in the Liverpool area. 

Liverpool City Region – Local skills report 

A new report is produced every year. The current growth industries in our local area are; The Visitor Economy, The Knowledge Economy, The Low Carbon Economy, Super Port

National LMI


A good website for young people and their family to explore. Take the Buzz Quiz, find out about a huge variety of jobs and watch inspirational career story videos.

First Careers 

This website is great for younger pupils to explore how their favourite subjects can lead to a range of careers and discover work experience opportunities with well-known employers.


All pupils can browse one of the most comprehensive lists of job profiles giving information about the role, qualifications, salary and the skills required. There are also tips for gaining work experience in each career.


This is more than just a universities website. Young people and their families can find out about different careers, apprenticeships, going to college as well as university.

National Careers Service 

This is a government website with up to date information about careers. It provides you with an overview of careers available in the UK today.

Years 7 - 11 Resources

Each week your form tutor will show you the ‘Job of the Week’. Short video clips that introduce you to careers in different industries.

Check out our Social Media pages for up to date information about Open Evenings, Apprenticeships, Courses and competitions all related to Careers.

Facebook - 

Twitter -

Parents Evenings

Mrs Welsh will be available at Parents Evenings to provide help and guidance to pupils and parents/carers. Mrs Welsh can also provide information related to choosing options in Year 9 and Post-16 pathways in Years 10 & 11.

Target Careers

The 100 most popular employers for school leavers and the top 50 universities 

Careers Directory 

The following directory will give you ideas about the different career paths you can follow for all of the subjects delivered at The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco at Key Stage 4.

The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco Careers Directory/

Making choices

Year 9 get tips on GCSE options by clicking the link below:

Explore Careers

Post 16 Pathways

With so many options available to our young people now. We want them to know what is available when they leave The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco. We also want them to know that they are all unique individuals who have different skill sets. Here is what is available for our pupils when they leave: 

Post 16 Pathways

Level 1/2 at college:

Maths and English re-sits explained

o Pupils to visit their dedicated TEAMs page to get up to date information of providers

 A Levels

A Levels explained

o Pupils to visit their dedicated TEAMs page to get up to date information of providers


BTECs explained

o Pupils to visit their dedicated TEAMs page to get up to date information of providers

 T Levels

T Levels explained

T Level course finder


Apprenticeship Explained

For the latest apprenticeship vacancies


We have many links with local colleges and post-16 course providers. We endeavour to make sure our pupils have the most up to date information about college courses, open days and other important careers information. Our pupils can access their dedicated TEAMs page via their school email account which is updated regularly.  

The list of providers that have supported our pupils in the past and will continue to do so in the future can be found in our Provider Access Policy statement (policies section).

SEND Careers

The links below detail a range of schools that provide specialist support to (SEND) pupils. Also included is advice and guidance from Disability UK on apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

The Department for Work & Pensions provides an Access to Work factsheet for disabled people which includes information on funding.

BASE offer support to those with disabilities find employment.

RNIB offers a range of support, from helping to apply through UCAS to gaining careers advice.

United Response provides a range of support services for adults and young people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health needs or physical disabilities.