The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco

Our Curriculum



The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco is dedicated to delivering an ambitious, coherent curriculum that embodies the Salesian values of respect, understanding, affection, and humour.

We aim to provide an outstanding education that has an emphasis on high academic achievement, whilst being inclusive of all. Our core value of ‘Learning for life, not just for school’ is at the heart of our planned curriculum which prepares our pupils for the experiences and responsibilities of adulthood through resilience, confidence and independence.

This will allow our pupils to become:

  • Academically passionate and driven to achieve their full potential
  • Successful learners who continually develop their knowledge and actively seek to learn and grow from feedback
  • Well-rounded individuals that thrive from rich learning experiences
  • Responsible and virtuous citizens who will make a positive contribution to society

You can find out more about the school’s curriculum by getting in touch with our Deputy Headteacher Mrs Nicola Caldwell via Year 10 Mocks Timetable - January 2024