The Salesian Academy of St John Bosco

The Salesian Academy of St. John Bosco celebrate GCSE results day!

Pupils at the Salesian Academy of St. John Bosco are celebrating some positive GCSE results, with particular success in vocational subjects.

Newly appointed Headteacher, Sue Bourgade, said: “Every year group taking exams in recent years have faced some different and unique challenges, and this year group was no exception.

“This year group have secured some impressive individual results. They should both be applauded and be incredibly proud of themselves for achieving the grades they have."

Pupils of note include; Gio Galassi and Daniel Adigwe having both secured Grade 9s in both Spanish and Italian. Melissa Tyrell, Daniel Adigwe, Amie Lightwood and Joseph Hart have excelled across all qualifications with Joseph adding to the Grade 7 In Economics achieved in Year 10.

Sue Bourgade added: “As important as today is, it is just a milestone on a much longer journey. I take most heart in the fact that these pupils are now in a good position to continue their education, pursue apprenticeships, or follow other goals.

“We are particularly proud of our pupils that plan to become entrepreneurs, or plan to fill gaps in the workplace with many undertaking roles that are breaking gender norms.”

“Congratulations to all pupils on their personal successes and we wish you all the best for your futures.”